The Ultimate Copping Guide: Nike Air Max 1 Parra

Another big drop is round the corner. The highly anticipated Nike Air Max 1 x Piet Parra are releasing and we all can't wait to put our hands on them.

Sneaker Details

Retail: 150 USD / 150 EUR / 119 GBP

Resell information: Air Max 1 Parra 2018
Predicted Resale: If you don’t plan on wearing these (they are really thicc so I suggest you flex them), resale won't be very high initially..


The chances of copping from an online raffle are quite low. But just like the lottery, we all enter it anyway with the slight hope that we win big. I have had people DM me telling me about their W so there are winners to all these raffles. I suggest you enter as many raffles as you can for the highest change but only enter once because stores are known to delete multiple entries. NOTE: I always use the autofill "Fillr" to instantly enter all my details so save myself the brain-frying of having to enter my details over and over again. Check out a quick Fillr Guide HERE


The raffle and online release links are provided by @Currentlyinstock for free site lists for every release!
Noirfonce EU

Online Releases

Now its time for the general release, go fast. You can buy from many European retailers through their online shops and get them shipped directly to your country. If the retailer only ships within their country then use a reshipper (or Youshop for NZ). You can find a quick guide on how to reship HERE.

For this release, most stores will carry out raffles. My tips:
  1. Practice adding other shoes to the cart so you know what to do when the shoe you want releases
  2. Refresh the page using command+R or control+R at the exact time of release (release time is listed below)
  3. Fillr is a must have so you can checkout faster than all the bots you are competing against. You can find a quick guide on how to use Fillr HERE
  4. Check if the website you are intered in offers the option of registering an account and, if so, ensure you do it and save your address in order to save time

Nike SNKRS and SNEAKRS apps

Now, this is a Nike drop so it is going to be on the SNKRS (SNEAKRS in EU) app. Being a hyped release, it is going to be in a draw on the app which is basically another raffle. Follow the steps below to enter. It will also be on in all countries.
Check your inbox in the SNKRS/SNEAKRS to see if you have gained early access to buying the shoes. Unlikely but worth keeping an eye on.
1. Download Nike SNKRS/SNEAKRS app
2. Make an account
3. At the drop time (normally 8AM London time for EU and 11am NYC time for US), click enter draw
4. Hope you take a W

Got the Shoes

Took a W on one of the most hyped shoes of the year?... you are truly a lucky person. Well now you've got 2 choices, wear them or sell them.
If you're going to wear them obviously don't look like a bum when you wear them. They are awesome to wear and you can use them to outflex your local hypebeast.
If you are looking to sell, here are a few places you can sell on
  1. Wait for Dropout Milano to open eheh. stay tuned here to know when you will be able to sell/consign via the highly expected consignment store.
  2. Join a Facebook group/community such as "The Sole Supplier Buy and Sell", "Sneaker Myth", etc. Look for them in the Facebook search box and join the groups. Note: it is quite time-consuming making a post, coming to a deal with buyers and setting up delivery or pick up logistics with them. REMEMBER TO USE ONLY PAYPAL GOODS AND SERVICES FOR A SAFE TRANSACTION!!!
  3. Sign up for stockx (on browser or app) and click Sell Now, you must have the shoes in hand before you sell there. Not suggested because they take quite a bit of sales commission and it costs 30$ shipping to sell from Europe.
  4. eBay or grailed
Places to sell in America
  1. Stockx.
  2. GOAT
  3. Take the shoes to StadiumGoods or Flightclub
  4. Sell on Facebook
  5. eBay or grailed


This guide was produced by in collaboration with kola tytler , make sure to follow the account on Instagram for further news and info. Hope you enjoy the guide! If you spot any errors or want to make any suggestions for the site Email [email protected]

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